Healthy Eating is Wellness!

Nital is friendly & cooperative

Day Care Centre Toronto

We were very satisfied with Nital’s service. The turnaround time was very quick!

Day Care Centre Toronto

It was a refreshing experience with Nital’s expertise. Her positive feedback and input was appreciated.

Day Care Centre Toronto

Nital has been reliable, accommodating, and professional. She has a wonderful attitude and is dedicated to her work. Her recommendations and suggestions have really helped to improve our menu.

Day care centre - Toronto

Nital clearly informs the client about the outcome of existing diet habits. She uses Canada Food Guide to explain the importance of different food groups, and how to start and develop healthy dietary habits. She listens patiently and clears misconceptions.

Dharminder Kaur

Nital was great at accommodating our budget and getting back to us in a reasonable time frame.

Day Care Centre - Toronto

Nital is very friendly and thorough in her review of our menu. We are grateful for the competitive price that was given. Affordable rate is needed by stand-alone centers due to the rising cost of expenditures to meet criteria.

Day care centre - Pickering (Durham Region)

Excellent service provided by Nital

Daycare Centre - Toronto

It was a nice experience with Nital. Got to know the facts and truths about my eating habits and conditions. She helped me plan for better eating habits and reduce weight. Would like to meet her again as well!


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Vision: Empowering individual to eat Healthy food! Our vision is to build a healthy community.

Mission: Our mission is to educate people and help them to take charge of their food choices. We have made this so simple that people take charge of their own food and ultimately their health. Plan your meal from a series of meal plans designed by Nutritionist and alter it based on your needs! Begin your first step with Eat Smart Bite towards your journey of healthy eating and healthy living .